Webinar – Clicks to Conversions: Deconstructing Omnichannel Advertising

Recently, the newly combined AUDIENCEX and MBuy teams held a live panel discussion digging into the story beyond the buzzwords on omnichannel advertising. Much more than simply being on “all” channels, omnichannel is about ensuring the right message reaches the right audience on the right channel at the right time.

Our experts examined how this is achieved through strategy, creative and technology, sharing insights and experience on how doing omnichannel effectively can drive results throughout the landscape. They explored what omnichannel advertising really means to them – and what it can mean for you.

Andrew Zucker, SVP and GM, MBuy
Stephanie Black, Director of Strategy, AUDIENCEX
Andrew Pruyn, Lead Analyst Data Science & Product, MBuy
Philip Lundgren, Graphic Designer, AUDIENCEX

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