Game-Changing Technologies Transform the Relationship Between In-Store and Online Retail

As the digital ecosystem grows increasingly multi-faceted, it also becomes ever more networked and interconnected, with new relationships emerging between online and offline channels. Some of our most exciting current work navigates today’s fluid relationship between digital and physical consumer experiences.

This includes our projects with Placed, a location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence platform recently acquired by Snap, Inc. Their platform draws on location data from mobile apps to provide game-changing insights into offline consumer actions and behaviors.

With opt-in permission, Placed shares information on what users are doing in their physical environment and how it relates to online messaging they have encountered. For our clients, this can facilitate unprecedented integration between their display campaigns and their retail goals.

In collaboration with Placed, we have seen increased median sales lift correspond with reduced cost-per-store visit and cost-per-lift store visit, indicating a leaner, more efficient campaign. But what’s really impressive is the specific analytics we’ve derived from online/offline campaign integration, including more granular demographic information and laser-focused, actionable information on how delivery corresponds to in-store traffic.

For instance, we can see how delivery on certain days of the week, at certain times of day, can drive greater retail lift. If delivery between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. on Monday drives 33% more lift than at 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on a Friday, we can increase delivery during this optimal window going forward. We can then drive more sophisticated optimizations as these insights continue to streamline delivery, improve ROAS, and ultimately increase our clients’ success in the retail space.

In this age of expansive data access, the network is becoming the dominant metaphor, not just for the performance marketer but more broadly for all of our digital experiences. We are creatures who live at once in physical and digital spaces. Performance marketers now have the opportunity to view these relationships as a singular, integrated whole.

It is no longer sufficient to master one channel – what matters is the synergistic relationships between channels. With this specificity and breadth of data, we can continue to unearth connections between online and offline activity, and engage with consumers holistically, deploying campaigns that grow increasingly intelligent, intuitive, and efficient.

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