Virtual Roundtable: Data & Inventory Trends during COVID

After an unprecedented economic downturn that affected much of the world in the first two quarters of 2020, many marketers are trying to pick up the pieces and form strategies that will help them end the year on a high note. The question is, how can they take the things that they’ve learned in order to build success?

In our second installment of our Q3 Success Series, this panel discussion with industry experts takes a closer look at the way data and inventory sources have changed over the past few months, and what is to come in the future. We discussed where digital marketing is headed, and how marketers can use various data and inventory sources to drive success in the coming months. 

Topics Covered Include: 

  • How has audience data usage changed by marketers over the past few months, and what else do we think might happen in Q3?
  • With stay at home orders changing around the country,  how has location data usage changed?
  • Now that we’re spending more time online, how has native advertising been impacted?
  • What lessons have we learned, if any, from the first 3 months of the COVID pandemic,  and what else do we think is going to happen?


  • Gilad Barash, VP Of Analytics, Dstillery
  • Chris Fallen, Head of Channel Sales, Cuebiq
  • David Oberstein, Manager, Media Sales West, Taboola 
  • Joe Horine, Senior Director of Strategy,  AUDIENCEX (moderator)

View the webinar on demand here