How to Personalize Creative by Audience Segment

The practice of audience segmentation has been taken to new heights in recent years by programmatic media buyers who use ever more precise targeting tools to refine audiences. They overlap targeting filters by time of day, geography, recent search behavior, sites visited, credit worthiness, and where a consumer falls in the purchase funnel. Ecommerce and B2B marketers, in particular, may work with audiences of a few hundred or a few thousand, which may be small but highly engaged and highly profitable audiences.

With this level of audience precision in media buying, it seems like an incongruously blunt tool to apply a single creative message. The best media buyers are constantly testing new audiences and contexts for maximum impact. There are a handful of segmenting strategies within each data-driven media campaign that can be improved by companion creative.

In its simplest application, this concept of creative personalization can be see in the different creative deliverables for a prospecting ad unit (usually a brand message), a retargeting ad unit, or an abandoner ad unit for the audiences that reached the lowest part of the funnel without converting.

Thinking purely in the format of the purchase cycle or the purchase funnel, a creative strategist can and should imagine multiple layers of message and product engagement that can both be measured through campaign engagement metrics and demand a unique creative message.

In many cases, this is good news for creative and production departments which often struggle for meaningful budgets, and an additional layer of strategic thinking serves to protect profitability in an increasingly commoditized field.

Dynamic Creative Optimization is a more advanced technique that many media buyers are using to send personalized messaging to each audience.

What best appeals to each person in a given moment is unique. With dynamic creative optimization (DCO), your campaign can run a myriad of ad permutations each second, helping you truly reach the right user with the right message at the right time.

This enables your campaign to automatically:

  • Configure the appropriate content to display
  • Predict the creative elements most likely to drive a conversion
  • Serve hyper-relevant messaging to each individual user
  • Provide messaging variety to avoid viewer fatigue

On average, DCO delivers a 60% lift in campaign performance.

Video, images, text, layout, CTA, animations, and other variable behaviors can all be dynamic across display, video, and rich media formats. This means that the consumer is captivated by a visually appealing ad unit with relevant messaging.

DCO and creative development are just two areas that AUDIENCEX specialize in. As the largest independent trading desk built for marketers and agencies, we offer programmatic, search and social advertising options for performance marketers across 18+ DSPs and platforms.

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