Webinar: Contextual Targeting for a Cookieless World

As brands and agencies seek to maximize performance outcomes today while keeping an eye on the cookieless future just beyond the horizon, there are effective solutions already available to solve both issues. With futureproof approaches like contextual targeting, advertisers of any size can optimize their strategies now while ensuring they’ll continue to perform as the digital landscape evolves.

In an omnichannel approach, contextual targeting can be enabled across channels, covering everything from display ads to CTV placements to ensure ads are shown alongside content that makes sense and resonates with relevant audiences. With pre-bid contextual capabilities employed across a full suite of performance solutions, you’ll know that your ads were served, when they were shown, and in what context – without the need for an Enterprise-level budget or costly, publisher-direct media buying.

At our webinar on Thursday, March 31st, aX in Conversation: Contextual Targeting for a Cookieless World, AUDIENCEX was joined by our partners at Peer39 to discuss how contextual targeting can help empower all advertisers across the full digital ecosystem. We’ll detail how seamless omnichannel access and fully-integrated targeting solutions can help brands and agencies maximize any budget, enable continued optimization, and exceed performance goals across all channels in a completely scalable way, both today and well into the future.

Jeremy Ozen, Senior Sales Director, Peer39
Brian Ko, Chief Commercial Officer, AUDIENCEX
Rickey Bijlani, Senior Director of Marketing, AUDIENCEX