Breaking the Martech Barrier

More than ever, marketers are being pulled in multiple directions, tasked with creatively expressing their brand while improving the ROI on their efforts.

With the art and science of their roles seemingly at odds and their resources limited, one side often wins over the other: data-driven results.

To deliver these results, marketers are often left scrambling to keep up with the ever changing tech landscape. Indeed, in a recent survey, 97% of CMOs agreed that “it is essential to keep up with innovations in technology” in order to be effective. However, a majority of these same CMOs (61%) confessed that persistent technology changes makes it difficult for them to keep up.

Even when these marketers have determined the tech stack and partners that will best fit their ever-changing needs, those solutions often leave something to be desired. With the exception the massive conglomerates and Fortune 500 brands whose expansive marketing teams have the budgets to employ enterprise level tools and the staff to support them, marketers are left without accessible solutions to help them engage the right audiences in the moments that matter.

It’s no wonder that 70% of CMOs outsource some or all of their programmatic efforts.

When marketers do find success with a given solution or within a given campaign, taking time to understand why it worked is a luxury most cannot afford. Indeed, according to another study of over 200 US marketers, 54% of respondents cited “insufficient data analysis capabilities” as a roadblock to further optimization of their efforts.

All of this needs to change. All marketers — not simply those at billion dollar companies — deserve advertising solutions that are accessible, intuitive, proven, and robust. After all, when the technical aspects of marketing operate as efficiently and effectively as they should, then we can get back to what matters: developing impactful creative that truly differentiates brands from each other and engages audiences in meaningful ways.

Fortunately, the tides are turning. Soon, mid-market marketers will have the same tools and services at their disposal as the brand behemoths they ache to disrupt. Soon, robust campaign analytics and audience insights data won’t require hours of meetings that no one has time for. Soon, data and creativity will work hand in hand. Soon, everyday marketers will be empowered exponentially.

Stay tuned!

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