aX Profile: Getting to Know Sergio Orozco

The opportunity to build your brand and gain awareness with search and social advertising is pretty significant. Just like campaigns on other channels, search and social campaigns require attention, careful analysis, and optimizations to accelerate brand growth. That’s where Sergio Orozco, Ad Ops Coordinator for Search & Social, comes into the picture. In this aX Profile, we dive into his regular routine and learn more about how he excels at what he does every day.

A Day in the Life
As the Ad Ops Coordinator for Search & Social, Sergio Orozco has a handful of tasks that keep him occupied. But he can’t start his day without an “amazing cup of cold brew or French press followed by a few hellos from [his] amazing friends.” We asked him to run us through his daily routine and here’s what he had to say:

“Once I sit down in my ultra comfortable Herman Miller ergonomic chair, I immediately start working on pacing campaigns. I then move to analyzing cross-channel, cross-platform performance for the search and social campaigns. After analysis, I move to the Asana tasks for the day and attend about 1-2 meetings per day to understand client needs.

I always have lunch when provided and on other days, I walk to a local restaurant or take a short drive to Waterside at Marina del Rey for a good meal. When I get back, I continue strategizing for current campaigns, review a couple of blogs to stay up to date with the latest search & social product offerings and features, and finish the day with finalizing the setup of new campaigns or doing QA for campaigns that will launch for the next day.”

Before joining the team at aX, Sergio worked for a news publisher selling print and digital ads. He helped with the copy for all of the ads as well as the design creatives when needed.

What made Sergio choose AUDIENCEX? In his own words: “they are constantly introducing new tools to automate certain tasks plus they offer unlimited PTO that helps with the work/life balance.”

He also made sure to point out that his favorite moment with the aX team so far has been the holiday party, because everyone came in from all over the country!

Continually Growing
To continue growing and learning in what he does, Sergio subscribes to the top blogs for search, social, adtech, and martech. He asks a lot of questions, takes notes, and practices all the time.

Helping His Team
On a weekly basis, Sergio reaches out to direct support for the platforms that he works in to find the answers needed to assist his team.  He also reaches out to the Director of his department to gain insight and recommendations for improvement.

Outside the Office
When he’s not in the office, Sergio loves to DJ. During the time that he’s not working or DJing, he enjoys spending time with his family, trying new restaurants, and traveling to new places.

Office Dogs
We have a lot of dogs in the office, but which one is Sergio’s favorite? “It’s a tie! Kevin is my favorite because he always greets me when I come into the office. My other favorite dog is Cody – he gets along with everyone and always has energy.”

Digital Distractions
We then asked Sergio what apps, shows, and music he’s been listening to and here’s what he had to say:  “The app that’s capturing my attention is Facebook and Instagram. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and features that are being released.”

In terms of shows, he doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but he saw Fuller House with his wife and “lasted about 4 episodes in the same day!”

What about music? You can find Sergio listening to an eclectic mix of music on Spotify or video blogs on YouTube.

Fun Facts
Sergio is a DJ and can teach you how to mix music in 5 minutes.

Hypothetically Speaking
Changing pace in our conversation, we then asked Sergio what he thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next three years and these were his answers:

  1. Voice search is going to increase in popularity.
  2. People will receive ads while receiving directions to their destination while driving.

What type of ad does he think he’ll be targeted with next? “I’ll be targeted with an ad for a food delivery service because Shake Shack just opened around the corner and I just checked out their website.”

The Future
In the next five years, Sergio is looking forward to newer technology in the adtech and martech world!

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