aX Profile: Chanelle Hojberg, Associate Technical Operations Specialist

AUDIENCEX has many different departments, all equally important to the success of our company—from creative and marketing to account management and agency services—each department works together to keep things running smoothly. Associate Technical Operations Specialist Chanelle Hojberg plays an integral part on the technical operations team, helping to create dashboards for clients and make sure that our tech  platforms are running smoothly. We caught up with her to learn more about her role at AUDIENCEX and about her life outside of work.

Chanelle @ Work

What does a day in the life of an Associate Technical Operations Specialist at AUDIENCEX look like?

While my laptop fires up, my puppy JoJo gets his morning sunbath and bathroom break. I start by going through my emails, answering the highest priority ones. Next, I go into Sugar, our CRM platform, and knock out my task list. My task list is a combination of creating client reporting dashboards and/or troubleshooting data issues. After lunch, my afternoon consists of figuring out ways to automate manual tasks and implement additional processes and workflows! 

How have you adjusted to working from home during the pandemic, and what are you looking forward to as we make plans to transition to working in the office again?

I’ve adjusted to working from home rather well, actually! The commute from Riverside to the Marina Del Rey office and seeing my puppy only on weekends because he couldn’t stay with me in LA helped me adjust. It gave me a chance to take him on walks in the morning and just have more time all-around to meal prep and spend time with family. I also adjusted by adding a mini desk next to my bed. For the first half of the pandemic, I would work on my bed which was hard on my back—and hard to keep myself from falling asleep. As we transition back to the office, I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues’ faces and chatting with them during lunch, and also going back to decorating my desk! 

Tell us a little about your professional experience prior to joining AUDIENCEX & how they have prepared you for your role here.

Upon graduation, I immediately jump-started my career at Forever 21, doing digital marketing and contributing to their social media local ads and their eCommerce email campaigns for the US, EU/UK, and Latin America. I provided insights and recommendations for social strategies, brought knowledge of the newest trends and technologies to the table, analyzed ongoing social media initiatives, and performed testing strategies to improve email campaigns. With my strong interest in technology, prior experience with data analysis, and willingness to learn, I joined AUDIENCEX originally as an Ad Ops Coordinator. From there, my supervisors saw the great work I was doing in our data warehouse and gave me the opportunity to grow within the technology department.

Outside the Office

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?

SOCCER ⚽ !!  I have soccer games every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I’ve been playing since I was in middle school and it’s my favorite sport to watch and play!

What’s the last show you marathoned, and what about it has you hooked?

The latest show I marathoned is called “Who Killed Sara?” on Netflix. I binged the first season and the day the second season came out I watched it all in two days! I LOVE mystery/thriller shows and that show definitely hooked me, because each episode is one step closer to finding out who really did it. 

What are you listening to lately (podcasts, music, etc)? 

Since EDC was canceled this Summer and moved to October – and I won’t be able to attend – I’ve been listening to EDM music to fill the void! Zeds Dead, Alesso, and Kayzo are my go-to’s! 

Tell us one or two fun facts about you.

A fun fact about me is that most people get shocked when they hear me speak Spanish because they don’t know I’m from Argentina until I tell them. 

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AUDIENCEX team so far?

My favorite moment with my aX family is when we won the Halloween contest two years ago and took an offsite trip to the Golden Road Brewery! 

Hypothetically Speaking

What are 3 things you think are going to change in the advertising industry in the next 3 years? Why?

Technology is constantly changing everyday. One thing that is definitely changing is cookies! It’s going to be interesting to see how applications now target consumers if they chose not to be tracked. Another thing I think is going to change in the next 3 years is that there will be more easy-to-watch, short-format video ads. Lastly, I think ‘live’ videos ads are going to gain popularity. 

What type of ad do you think you’ll be targeted with next? Why?

I think the next ad I’m going to be targeted with will be about purchasing a new car, mainly because I’ve been complaining about my current one not having AC or a radio.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 5 years?

Traveling! I had to cancel a trip to Europe last year (still never been!), so I’m hoping to go within the next 5 years.