3 Tips For Branding With RTB

As a buyer you have probably noticed that your highly valuable audience segments don’t get much brand messaging; at least, not through RTB. To a certain degree that is because of concerns about the quality of the inventory available through exchanges.

Of course the long term trend on exchanges is toward more and better inventory, but we wanted to share some tricks that we use to help brand advertisers take advantage of the value and flexibility of RTB.

Gain Trust With Third-Party Monitoring

No matter what you tell your clients about viewability or brand safety, nothing is as helpful as a third-party monitoring service. There are plenty of trusted services that show where your ads are running and help you prove that your inventory is as premium as the brand deserves. Also, viewability monitoring helps you build better block lists for your brand.

Deal IDs and Private Exchanges

If you really want to control your inventory you can build a deal ID with your target publisher. This process is great for premium inventory (homepage and rich media) that you want to handle through your DSP.

Target Lists

Tried and true, and a little bit old-school, target lists guarantee that your brand is displayed in a walled garden of trusted domains. For us, target lists are the first layer of targeting on any schedule, whether for brand or for performance. Many buyers under-utilize target lists and rely entirely on data targeting to find their audiences but even in the world of audience-on-demand, there are still benefits to limiting the pool.

With these three techniques at your disposal, you can show your clients the benefit of running brand advertising through RTB.

Looking for more tips & tricks? Contact us to talk to one of our Campaign Specialists to learn how AUDIENCEX can help improve your campaign performance.

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