Data is the currency of innovation in the technology space, and digital advertising is no different. A little more than half of marketers worldwide are integrating data into their tech stacks, according to research published by eMarketer, and another 43% are discussing doing so.

Data makes the difference between a successful advertising campaign and middling performance. The combination of first-party customer information, second-party publisher data, and third-party resources can help find the highly desired, qualified prospects that advertisers are after. Data can make the difference between someone being aware of your product, and someone sitting up in their seat to engage with an ad message.

At AUDIENCEX, data is the connective tissue that unifies all of the services and products that we offer to our clients. After all, “audience” is in our name, and a deep understanding of audience is only possible by aligning the very best data capabilities from across the industry. That’s why we aggregate campaign data across channels, work closely with innovative data partners like Sizmek, develop attribution models to measure success, and leverage additional third-party data sources whenever appropriate.

For informed, high-performing marketing campaigns in 2018, advertisers need to ensure that they are collecting and analyzing as many data points as possible to make the most informed decisions. This is why AUDIENCEX aggregates data across channels, including display, search, and social, through a proprietary Universal Conversion Tracking pixel and an API for offline events. Whenever consumer prospects visit web pages, participate in marketing campaigns, view ad impressions, move through the sales funnel, or perform any other event deemed important by the enterprise marketer, we collect that information.

This granular data, captured throughout the customer journey, can then be overlaid with powerful cross-channel learnings. This shapes optimization strategy throughout the campaign and delivers the real-time insights that drive our universal attribution system. The collected data is pre-aggregated and de-normalized into a data warehouse, allowing for fast reporting that delivers the analytic insights needed to run high-performing end-to-end omni-channel campaigns.

To help develop an even more detailed view of the consumer, AUDIENCEX works closely with partners like Sizmek. The company’s artificial-intelligence powered data platform opens the door to predictive marketing, helping advertisers deeply engage and bond with their audience, while presenting the kind of personalized ad messages that consumers respond to.

In 2018, this detailed picture derived from these systems is crucial for understanding the consumer as they move across the online space and interact with different kinds of content. As Sizmek states, display, video, search, desktop, mobile and connected TV aren’t separate siloes for the audiences that advertisers are trying to reach. It’s therefore of the utmost importance to stitch together data from the entire media plan to better understand audience and performance. This lets marketers optimize their media mix going forward, ensuring that their dollars are being spent efficiently and with maximum return on ad spending.

Even with a detailed picture of performance gathered from across all campaign touchpoints, advertisers may still have holes in their data, or feel that they need even more scale. This is where additional third-party data vendors can help the advertisers draw new connections between consumer behavior, as well as find new consumers who look just like their best customers. Third-party data is a valuable resource for identifying consumers that are in-market for certain items, whether that’s a new car, a home, a vacation or an insurance plan. Third-party data can also be used to help qualify audiences if, for instance, an advertiser only wants to reach consumers who meet certain income or wealth thresholds. It’s these granular details that help eliminate waste and better drive results from every dollar spent, both online and off.

As the year continues, AUDIENCEX will continue our dedication to data and performance analysis. Our new proprietary attribution platform will further help advertisers understand which touchpoints are influencing a consumer to move further down the purchase funnel towards a conversion. This platform, currently in beta, will be a valuable tool in helping marketers formulate the smartest omni-channel campaigns, ensuring that they have the resources to build, execute and analyze campaigns from end to end.

At the end of the day, the more data a marketer has access to, the smarter they must be about analyzing and using it. Aggregating and analyzing data is an ongoing process, one that marketers and their partners must stay on top of as it changes throughout the life of the campaign. At AUDIENCEX, we continuously evolve how we measure impact and performance, which in turn dramatically improve our approach to campaign optimization. Not only do we provide the tools to ensure that our clients have access to data that makes a difference, but we ensure that they are using that data to make the right decisions about how to engage with their target consumers.

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