Grace Sun

Lead Programmatic Trading Specialist

Grace was born and raised in Shanghai, China. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, she moved to the United States and pursued a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She started her digital advertising career at an agency before moving to ADARA, a tech start-up company. She successfully trafficked, launched, and managed hundreds of digital advertising campaigns including leading brands such as Marriott, United, Universal Studios, and Amtrak, and led a global team of campaign managers to achieve client KPIs. Her approach to programmatic media buying is built around troubleshooting complex issues, optimizing campaign performance, and analyzing data to provide actionable insights. She brings over seven years of experience in digital advertising to her role at AUDIENCEX, with deep knowledge of multiple platforms (TTD, DCM, DBM, Facebook). Grace is constantly learning new trends and technology in the advertising industry.