Kelly Wiethuchter is a Regional Sales Director at AUDIENCEX who has been with our company for just over three years. She is based out of St. Louis, Missouri, and  works with clients and prospects throughout the midwest. We caught up with her to discuss what she does for AUDIENCEX as well as her life outside of the office. Read on to learn more. 

A Day in the Life

Kelly’s average day begins with a reformer pilates class in the morning.  It helps to energize her mind and body before beginning her work day. Kelly typically takes on several client calls throughout the day to discuss programmatic strategies for upcoming campaigns. She will also check in with the account managers to discuss current campaign performance and optimizations. Every once in a while, Kelly also has opportunities to meet with new data or technology reps in order to discuss innovations in the programmatic landscape.  


Kelly started her media sales career right out of college working for a local television station in Tulsa, OK.  A year later, she moved to Chicago to work for FOX Sports Cable Networks. “It was a fantastic job in such an awesome city!” Besides selling air time and sponsorships, she loved working with ad agencies on product integrations into TV shows. She also had the opportunity to travel a lot for NASCAR races. Kelly worked at FOX Sports for 7 years before moving back to her hometown of St. Louis. Following her move, Kelly began working on exclusively digital advertising at Centro for five years, where she helped local agencies and brands with their digital strategies. She is proud to say that she introduced most of the local agencies in St. Louis to the concept of programmatic media.   


Kelly enjoys working for AUDIENCEX because the company allows her to have a curated book of business. She often feels like a small business owner who is working to grow her accounts, and continuing to build strong relationships with her clients.  AUDIENCEX’s suite of solutions allows her to present best-in-class technology to apply to clients’ campaigns.

Continually Growing

During this unprecedented time, Kelly has attended many more webinars than before in order to brush up on her knowledge and her different perspectives and innovations within the industry. 

Lending a Helping Hand

Kelly loves helping her teammates whenever they have questions or need advice on particular industry-related topics. People on her team know that Kelly is a knowledgeable resource who they can reach out to whenever they need help. 


When Kelly is in need of advice or inspiration, she turns to her girlfriends. She has collected a good bunch of gal pals over the years to talk about life, family, etc.  Professionally, she has leaned on her dad to help her navigate through any challenges she may face in her career. 

Outside the Office

Digital Distractions 

Kelly has gotten hooked on playing ‘Elevate’, an app that helps to train your brain. She chooses to use this app because it’s a better option than scrolling through social media news feeds multiple times throughout the day. Plus, it’s helped her to be quicker with mental math. 

Kelly’s favorite show to watch each week is The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise. She says she’ll never miss an episode. Thankfully for Kelly, aX has plenty of team members who also watch the show religiously, and along with a Slack channel called  #bachelornation where they bond over discussing the show as it unfolds. 

Now Playing 

Kelly is currently listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore. She really likes the song “the last great american dynasty”, because it is about a woman from St. Louis who marries into the Standard Oil family.

Fun Facts 

Kelly was on Cash Cab and The Oprah Show – on the same day!  It was a total surprise to her when she and her best friend were picked up by the Cash Cab and taken to Oprah’s studios. It was definitely an experience she’ll never forget.

Favorite Moments at aX

While Kelly has been able to enjoy the holiday parties AUDIENCEX has had in the past, she is  very sad that we weren’t able to gather this year. In place of the holiday celebration and in-person gatherings, the team has participated in virtual trivia on an ongoing basis, which Kelly loves. Virtual events like that have really helped the team to stay in touch with one another.

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