Everyone in sales has a unique strategy, but the goal is communicating and connecting with other people. Suhail Mahajan is an Associate Sales Director at AUDIENCEX, focused on making those connections with marketers and agencies to hep their programmatic, search, and social advertising campaigns succeed. Learn more about his strategy and day-to-day in Suhail’s aX profile.

A Day in the Life

On any given day, Suhail works hard to create new opportunities to connect with brands and agencies, with the goal of helping their advertising campaigns succeed. Through all these conversations, he’s always learning and growing. “Every day I get the opportunity to learn from the sharpest minds in the industry, and have picked up so much knowledge about digital marketing and the nuances of what it takes to be successful.”


Before AUDIENCEX, Suhail worked at a variety of agencies including MediaCom and Media Assembly, supporting Fortune 500 clients across all industries. This experience gave him a holistic understanding of how digital marketing affects user behavior, and vice versa. 


What made AUDIENCEX the right fit? “No other company I’ve worked at has allowed its employees to be as expressive and autonomous as I feel here. I love having the opportunity to forge great business relationships with my clients that I never got to do in the past.” His love of learning is also something that clicked with the culture at aX. “AUDIENCEX is also continuously growing, so every day I get to learn something new and different that helps me help my clients and educate those around me.”

Continually Growing

That love of learning and growing is almost a necessity when working in the AdTech industry, since things change rapidly. Suhail loves keeping up with the latest news and trends. “AUDIENCEX has created a great structure in helping sellers, accounts, and everyone alike to become experts in their role.”

Go Team!

Suhail is a big fan of his teammates at AUDIENCEX, and a very positive presence in the office. “I’m my team’s biggest cheerleader. I’m always supportive and working to add to the positive atmosphere that we have nurtured.”


Who does Suhail turn to for inspiration and direction? “Generally speaking, my dad is my idol because he’s a business owner and he’s shown me how to be autonomous and driven. At AUDIENCEX, I would say Tom O’Brien and Usha Samuel and the rest of my peers for taking an interest in my professional development and helping me become the best person I can be.”

Outside the Office

When he’s not talking advertising, Suhail has two loves: music and fitness. He spends a lot of time going to music festivals and shows, and has recently started producing and mixing his own music as well. When he’s not playing music, you can probably find him either on the beach, or playing video games. “I am a huge geek, so I love video games and comics.”

Animal Lover

We have a lot of dogs in the office, which is great for Suhail – because they happen to be his favorite animal. How can you not love man’s best friend?

Digital Distractions

What apps, shows, and podcasts keep Suhail busy?

  1. Reddit: “I love the content on there because it is so interesting, unique, and it’s user generated. I feel like the community is very accepting and open, and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and even a few friends because of it.”
  2. The Office: “I love the creativity behind the whole concept of dynamic characters over the seasons. It’s just amazing to be able to relate to those scenarios working in a corporate environment. Once you start connecting your coworkers with the characters in The Office, it gets even more interesting.”
  3. EDM: “I love EDM because of how much variety there is within the genre itself. I love house music and bass music because I feel like they’re some of the most expressive and most fun to dance to.” 

Fun Facts

  1. Suhail played drums for 7 years — that’s what created his love for bass music
  2. He has never traveled further east than Las Vegas in the United States!

Audience Targeting

We asked Suhail what ads he thinks he’ll be targeted with next: “I’m always targeted by music ads because I’m constantly attending events and concerts.”

The Future

What is Suhail looking forward to most in the next 5 years? “I’m focused on progressing my career at AUDIENCEX as a Sales Director. And eventually I’d like to have enough time and space for a cute little pup.”

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