Behind every campaign, there’s a strategy, and each strategy is tailored to meet individual advertiser goals. With thousands of campaigns running simultaneously, there has to be organization, structure, and a strong team with a proper lead. In this aX Profile, we’re getting to know Joe Horine, the Director of Strategy at AUDIENCEX. What does his weekly schedule look like and how does he support those around him to help the company grow?

A Day in the Life
As the Director of Strategy, Joe Horine runs the strategy team. This department operates in a sales support capacity, “ensuring the company and ultimately the sellers have everything they need to successfully develop a healthy top line without losing sight of the bottom line.” On a day-to-day basis, Joe said his “responsibilities vary from working with sellers on sales opportunities, to researching new offerings within the market, vetting new partners to fill gaps in our suite of offerings, disseminating industry trends, and analyzing any number of internal performance metrics.”

Starting his career in a marketing rotational program at Nationwide Insurance, Joe gained a lot of experience in different areas within marketing. He eventually  landed on a marketing analytics team that was focused on digital and direct marketing analysis. Joe stated, “Nationwide taught me a lot about the value of a well-documented process, managing bureaucracy and professional politics within a large company, balancing the different stages of a marketing funnel within a larger strategic plan, developing an overarching vision without forgetting the executional pieces needed to make that vision happen, as well as effectively using analytics to dictate strategy.”

After that, Joe worked as a consultant for Neustar’s MarketShare division. “Getting to support a marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution product properly prepared me to address just about any measurement question that might pop up as we work with our wide variety of clients here at aX.”   

When we asked Joe why he chose AUDIENCEX, this is what he had to say: “As with any growing company, there are a seemingly infinite number of opportunities to be a part of and problems to solve on a day-to-day basis. I may not be able to plan more than a week at a time, but that level of unknown makes every day exciting. This is a company that lets you as an individual take on as much as you want, while making it easy for your voice to be heard and your impact be felt.”

Joe also pointed out that one of his favorite moments was when “we implemented a completely overhauled RFP process that streamlined a lot of what we do.”

Continually Growing
Constantly working towards improvement is one of our biggest values at AUDIENCEX. How does Joe keep growing and learning? He likes to “keep up with anything and everything being thrown at our sellers. Whether that is a new partner being requested by a client, a unique measurement plan for me or my team to design, or just finding a way to speak the same language the client is using, I can confidently say that I’ll never get to a point where I’ve learned enough.”

Helping His Team
Joe said he is a “firm believer of a ‘servant leadership’ model for anyone that I work with or manage. There are a number of different components of that, but the three that are the most important to me are being an active listener, demonstrating empathy, and staying committed to personal growth. The main way I do this is to make myself available whenever needed for my team. Whether as a sounding board, a proofreader, or a venting outlet, my calendar is always open. I also prioritize personal development. That is one of the easiest things to let fall off your radar when things get busy. However, small personal improvements can end up having the largest impact on a team’s ability to be successful.”

While Joe constantly acts as a resource for his team, he too turns to a number of people both personally and professionally. In his opinion, “no one succeeds alone. Having a strong and supportive network of people I trust is the foundation on which everything in my life is built.”

Outside the Office
As much as he works with people during the week, Joe tends to revert back to more introverted habits on the weekends like “binging television & movies or playing video games.” According to Joe, he’s “always looking for an entertaining way to unwind.”

On top of that, Joe loves spending time with his two cats. “They’re independent, intelligent, and relatively low maintenance,” which makes it easy for Joe to rewatch the last two seasons of Game of Thrones before it comes back in April. “I’m not alone when I say this show has captured my attention like few shows in history, and one reason for that is how unique the show has been.”

In terms of music, Joe listens to BPM Radio or “The Best of John Williams” on Spotify, which have been on the top of his heaviest rotation for the last couple weeks. “High energy and uplifting music or some of the best Cinematic scores you’ll ever hear, just seem to make the time fly by for me.”

Fun Facts
We asked Joe for some fun facts, and here’s what he had to say:

  1. “I tackled NFL running back Leveon Bell in High School, and it actually made his highlight tape on YouTube.”
  2. “In 2015, Nationwide Insurance ran one of the most infamous Super Bowl commercials ever (Youtube link here). I was responsible for developing, updating, and presenting the measurement plan and performance reporting for that commercial.”

Hypothetically Speaking
What are three things that Joe thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next three years? Read it all below:

  1. “Increased Automation – This isn’t just a trend within the ad industry. John Oliver just did a piece about the impact of automation. There are tasks that robots are just objectively better at than humans. However, that creates a new opportunity to understand when it does and does not make sense to automate particular tasks.”
  2. “CTV will see the largest channel growth in terms of where clients are spending their money. Even if I lived under a rock and the only source of information I was able to receive were questions our sales team was getting from potential clients, CTV would be at the top of that list by a significant margin.”
  3. “Increased Transparency – We’re not in a very trustworthy time in history. Companies that are able to remain profitable and provide their clients with a transparent view into what they are getting for their money SHOULD find incremental success in the coming years.”

In terms of ads he thinks he’ll be targeted with next, Joe said “I’m a sucker for any type of gadget ad, especially on Instagram when I’m just mindless scrolling.”

The Future
What is Joe looking forward to in the next five years? “There are a lot of concepts related to targeting and/or measurement that are still too new for the common marketer to fully understand them. My hope is in the next five years, concepts like multi-touch attribution will be better understood by everyone in our industry.”

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