The world of adtech is fast-paced and ever changing. Working in the field requires a lot of flexibility, quick thinking, and strategizing to succeed. Just ask Emily Molloy, our talented Senior Customer Success Manager at AUDIENCEX. What does her day-to-day look like and how does she continue to grow personally and professionally? Find out in her aX Profile below!

A Day in the Life
As the Senior Customer Success Manager at AUDIENCEX, Emily has a pretty busy schedule. According to her, no two days are alike, but “that’s the best thing about [her] role and really working in ad tech in general.”

Since she works on two teams, things can change incredibly fast and she’s always working on different kinds of projects for her own clients, aX’s larger client base, and our internal teams.

Emily stated, “One day I may spend the entire day in client service mode having calls with clients, digging into campaign performance, making performance optimization recommendations, and doing industry research. The next, I could spend the entire day in tech and strategy mode learning about new platforms, troubleshooting a specific use case, or deep diving into endless spreadsheets. More often than not, it’s a combination of both.”

Emily has always worked in digital start-ups, but not always in marketing. When she graduated, she worked for a start-up women’s publisher, managing their organic social media communities. During her time there, she expanded her role to include managing paid social campaigns, organic outreach efforts, and monetization efforts through the programmatic ad stack and affiliate network.

“Over time I became increasingly interested in the business side of things, so I made the jump to the agency world to be able to work with a wide variety of clients, and help them address their unique sets of opportunities and challenges based on their business model and industry.”

What made AUDIENCEX the right fit for her? “Because of our current size and how quickly we are growing, there are always new projects to assist with and dig into, and I love the flexibility and opportunity for growth that it has provided me. It’s definitely challenged me, but I’ve learned an enormous amount since starting here.”

When we asked Emily what her favorite moment with the aX team has been so far, this is what she had to say: “Right after the end of Q4 we had a girls’ night at my apartment with the rest of the Accounts team and watched terrible movies and wore face masks. It was very cheesy  and so much fun. We spend so much time together at work that it was so nice to enjoy their company outside of work and talk about things other than CPMs and CPAs.”

Continually Growing
Emily strives to continually grow and improve, and she feels constantly inspired by the people around her. She said, “AUDIENCEX is fortunate to employ some of the smartest people I’ve ever known. Coming to work every day and seeing the intelligence, drive, patience, and willingness to simply get things done demonstrated by the team here is incredibly motivating to keep on pace to pick up a new skill and go the extra mile whenever possible.”

Helping Her Team
Emily always acts a resource for the rest of her team. “In any company, we all bring different values to a team based on our past experience and knowledge base. I think because I started my career in a very small start-up (10 people) where we were all constantly challenged to simply figure things out. I can never accept not knowing an answer when someone asks me a question. So when my peers come to me with questions, whether I know the answer in that moment or not, I’m committed to helping them find the answer.”

She also turns to others for guidance. “My supervisor from my first job out of school also moved to the agency side of things and is still one of my closest friends in California. Whenever I’m struggling with a professional decision, or need a sounding board to talk things through, or just want to send someone a funny meme about facebook breaking again, she’s my go-to. Having a mentor like her has been invaluable to both my career and my sanity in this ever changing industry! Thanks Tal!”

Outside the Office
How does Emily keep busy after work and on the weekends? She loves to travel, even if that’s just a drive to another part of LA. On a more average day, her “entire world revolves around [her] dog” Benny, so you can find her on a lot of adventures with him. She also loves hiking, going to the beach or the dog park and binge-watching documentaries. Although, she won’t turn down a good reality TV show either.

Her favorite animal is “dogs for sure and specifically one very special doggo named Benson!” He’s a ten-month old rescue and he is the “love of my life.” If she had to pick something more exotic, Emily “really admires elephants for their apparent empathy and strength.”

In terms of digital distractions, Emily has her attention on Instagram. “Seeing what all of my friends are up to, even if we’ve lost touch over the years, is a nice way to pass the moments in line for coffee. And so many of them have cute dogs and/or babies now so my feed is pretty cute!”

In terms of the last show she marathoned, it’s “The BBC version of Sherlock. You could call me a crime-drama fanatic. I’ve seen all 22 seasons of Law & Order: SVU, and probably every other crime-drama that’s been released since 1995. I think it’s the mystery that gets me hooked. I also like the fact that for most of these series, each episode is more or less its own story that ties into a larger loose plot, so it makes it easy to start one episode and then 12 hours later you haven’t left the couch. And who doesn’t love a good HBIC? (special shout-out to Detective Olivia Benson).”

What about music? Emily will pretty much listen to anything, but she does enjoy listening to The Young Turks podcast every morning while she’s getting ready, to keep up to date on political news. “It provides perspective and helps keep me grounded.”

Fun Facts
Emily is a twin! Her brother lives in Portland, Maine and according to her, “we couldn’t be more opposite if we tried.” Emily also speaks fluent French.

Hypothetically Speaking
Shifting the conversation, we asked Emily what three things she thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next three years. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. “I think the power of Facebook as an advertising platform will decline substantially but instagram likely won’t.
  2. I think the digital industry will change pretty dramatically over the next few years, particularly as it relates to the overarching reliance on cookie data as GDPR makes its way across the pond and users continue to incorporate ad blockers, which could lead to more spend being reverted back to traditional channels.
  3. The decline of broadcast and print seems more or less inevitable so it will be very interesting to see how industry giants reconfigure their revenue streams and or business models entirely to stay profitable.”

What type of ad does she think she’ll be targeted with next? “Definitely an ad for one of my clients. I spend a ton of time on their sites so I’m retargeted pretty aggressively – at least we know the algorithms are working!” In terms of format, probably an Instagram ad.

The Future
What is Emily looking forward to most in the next five years? “I love this industry and I’ve worn a lot of hats within it. With each role I feel like I learn so much about what I do and don’t want to do in my career. So mostly, I’m just excited to keep growing and learning and figuring out how I want to keep growing in this industry.

And seeing my dog grow up :)”

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