In order for a client’s campaign to run successfully and efficiently, a team of experts who are continually monitoring and optimizing is required. Just ask Brian Zielke, one of our incredibly talented Account Managers at AUDIENCEX. What does his day-to-day look like, how does he help his team grow, and where does he think the future of advertising is headed? Read on and find out in his aX Profile below!

A Day in the Life
As an Account Manager, Brian Zielke’s daily routine involves tasks related to campaigns in pre-launch, live, or recently concluded phases. For pre-launch campaigns, he works closely with the client and our internal teams to ensure proper set-up and strategy. In regards to live campaigns, Brian is consistently analyzing and optimizing performance, with weekly updates provided to each client. From there, Brian and his team search for ways to improve the campaign strategy for the next flight, which includes adding additional channels, tweaking set-up details like targeting and creative, and using historical performance data to make informed recommendations to clients.

Life before AUDIENCEX
Before moving to AUDIENCEX, Brian spent four years at a publisher in Portland, Oregon, where he worked in a variety of roles on the Sales and Marketing side. He also spent some time as a Research Analyst and an Account Manager. Brian stated, “The prior Account Manager experience prepared me for the multi-channel campaigns we execute at AUDIENCEX and the variety of business verticals we serve.”

What made Brian choose AUDIENCEX? Our mix of channel offerings, specifically our programmatic capabilities under the aX trading desk, and our ability to serve clients across any vertical. 

What has his favorite moment with the team been so far? Definitely the holiday parties and the beach bonfire!

Continually Growing
When we asked Brian about growth, here is what he had to say: “Professional growth is promoted throughout the organization, starting with our leadership team, and we are always encouraged to attend different digital conferences and trainings that will fuel that growth. “

Helping His Team
Whether it’s helping onboard a new hire or troubleshooting an issue with another team member, Brian always tries to make himself available as a resource. “We are a team that is constantly sharing information and learnings that benefit the organization as a whole. Each team member has unique digital experiences and different areas of expertise, and I try to fill a small part of that.” 

Outside the Office
Outside of work, Brian loves to spend time in his DTLA neighborhood, attend sporting events and concerts, play golf, and visit the beach whenever he can. According to Brian, he’s also trying to use his metal detector more this summer.

Office Dogs
We have a bunch of dogs in our office, but who’s his favorite? “Cody by a mile, but I have to buy his friendship with food and treats.”

Digital Distractions
What apps, shows, songs, and podcasts are keeping him entertained? Check them out below:

  1. Twitter — “It’s a constant stream of information that I can quickly scroll through at different points in the day to get caught up on sports, entertainment, and world news.”
  2. The Sopranos — “The characters are one reason the show is amazing. One of the biggest mistakes in my life is waiting 20 years to watch this series.”
  3. “For music, it’s all over the board for me but I’ve been on a big TV On The Radio kick lately.” 
  4.  The Bill Simmons Podcast — Because it “covers all things sports and entertainment.”

Fun Facts
Brian made a cameo on MTV Made in 2008 when they came to his high school to film an episode. That was his “15 minutes of fame moment.” 

Hypothetically Speaking
Switching the conversation to industry talk, we asked Brian what three things he thinks will change in advertising in the next three years. Here’s what he had to say:

  1. “There will be a new universal web analytics service developed that will compete with Google Analytics and provide the industry a new trusted web analytics platform. 
  2. The influx of new streaming services becoming available will continue to change the way we target consumers with video and adapt from traditional video targeting options. 
  3. Augmented reality is changing the way consumers shop, which will change the way brands are reaching and engaging with new and existing customers.” 

In terms of the next type of ad Brian thinks he’ll be targeted with, that’s an airline or StubHub ad, since it’s not uncommon for him to search up flights or tickets for events.

The Future
What is he looking forward to most in the next 5 years? “Fingers crossed, the city of Portland finally getting a Major League Baseball team!”

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