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With each client comes campaigns to manage, monitor, and optimize. Continual communication between clients and managers is key to ensure goals are being met and performance is on track. Justin Moraga, one of our stellar Account Managers at AUDIENCEX, does just that and lots more to help his team and the company grow. In this aX Profile, we’re diving into all the details.

A Day in the Life
Justin Moraga acts as a project manager and client representative within AUDIENCEX, finding solutions to make our clients’ marketing goals a reality. On an average day, he’ll dive deep into the performance data for his campaigns, have a few calls with clients, and spend some time learning new platforms and earning certifications in them.

Before joining the aX team, Justin worked at an agency specializing in political campaigns and public affairs projects in California. Just like ad-tech and digital advertising, the “political arena is incredibly fast-paced and ever-changing.”

Justin also mentioned that he grew up in a single-parent household and would never be where he is today without his mother: “This taught me an extreme work ethic but also to be humble and grateful for everything that I have.”

So what made Justin choose AUDIENCEX? “I’m consistently challenged to find solutions to unique issues in which success brings an immense amount of satisfaction. I’m learning about an emerging technology solution or methodology basically everyday, which I enjoy.”

One of his favorite moments with the aX team so far was his first day: “Hard to replicate the nerves and meeting new people and all of the dogs. It has only been a short time but we have grown so much since then.”

Continually Growing
Justin has a constant drive to improve, and he mostly does this by challenging the way that things are done. In his own words, “It’s not enough to simply have the same results. How do we achieve better ones? This is what drives me to take the time to learn about new technologies and methodologies to drive successful campaigns for my clients.”

Helping His Team
Justin loves to teach, help others at aX, and see them succeed. He’s available for his peers both within and outside of his team whenever needed. “Knowledge is only valuable when it is shared with others, and the collective success of my team is far more beneficial for me than only focusing on my personal success.”

On the flip side, Justin also turns to others for both personal and professional advice. In terms of personal matters, he turns to his fiance, mother, and grandmother. “My mother and grandmother have been there for me more than anyone growing up, and my fiance is my best friend.”

Speaking to professional matters, Justin stated, “I’ve been fortunate to learn from many in my professional career, from several types of businesses and verticals, and I feel that this has made me a well-rounded professional. “

Outside the Office
When he’s not in the office, Justin looks forward to shows in the area with his favorite musicians and sports teams. “I definitely get a kick of energy from big sounds and crowds. I’m a big Disneyland guy.”

He also loves to travel to new places because he finds new cultures “absolutely fascinating.” One of his favorite things to do when he’s in a new city is to rent a bike. When he wants to lay low, Justin loves to spend time with his cat Chi Chi.

In terms of digital distractions, you can find Justin on Twitter, since a lot of his favorite artists and brands are active on this platform. “It’s basically my primary source for updates on news and events.”

He also recently rewatched every episode of Game of Thrones, ahead of the final season which started a few weeks ago. “I’m a huge fan and could talk for hours about the show, books, and all kinds of crazy fan theories.”

In terms of music, “Ventura” by Anderson Paak has “definitely dominated my speakers recently, though I also have the ‘Tracing Steps EP’ from my favorite producer/DJ Mat Zo on a fairly heavy rotation.”

Justin has also been religiously listening to the Spittin Chiclets podcasts, with the NHL Playoffs happening now. “Though my team is not in for the first time in five seasons, I truly believe that it is the best competition out there right now hands down.”

Fun Facts
Justin has read all of the main “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and is currently learning to ice skate.

Hypothetically Speaking
We continued the conversation by asking Justin what three things he thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next three years and here’s what he had to say:

  1. Higher emphasis on video advertisements — whether this is expanded PreRoll, CTV, DOOH, or in-banner video.
  2. Rich media will likely receive more and more attention, and therefore, more of the dollars.
  3. Further adoption of regulations on user data collection, and more refined ways of collecting user data in response.

To add, Justin Moraga will have a big name for himself.

In terms of the type of ad he thinks he’ll be targeted with next, “probably some sort of electronic product, hardware or software.”

The Future
What is Justin looking forward to most in the next five years? “Owning a home and a few truly incredible trips before settling down in it. Plus, taking some major steps in my professional career where I can execute and teach/mentor.”

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