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Businesses, no matter what size or industry they’re in, have to keep budgets top of mind. Allocating resources, continually improving efficiency, and keeping track of inflows and outflows is essential for smooth workflow. But what exactly is involved? In this aX Profile we’re getting to know Peter Correia, the VP of Finance at AUDIENCEX.

A Day in the Life
As the VP of Finance, Peter oversees all financial planning, financial reporting, and budgeting. Keeping confidential documents organized and easy to access is a must. He collaborates with every team within every department, handling paperwork, ensuring financial tasks are dealt with in the proper manner, and strategizing for the future of the company.

Let’s just say dealing with dollars is his forte.

Peter started his career at Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms. He later became the Director of Tax for Globalstar before making his move to Los Angeles. In LA, he became a Tax and Business Manager for Freemark Financial LLP. According to Peter, “each role helped me develop a certain skill set that allows me to be the VP of Finance today.”

We asked Peter why he chose AUDIENCEX, and here’s what he had to say: “I love that at aX we are able to express our ideas and we have the ability to be flexible as we grow as a company.”

As for his favorite moment with the aX team so far, Peter loved getting to know his coworkers while playing soccer and volunteering at Wags and Walks.

Continually Growing
Peter spends every morning reading articles related to developing leadership skills and various adtech topics. If that doesn’t spell out dedication to growth, we don’t know what does!

Helping His Team
He also continually acts as a resource for the rest of his team. Here’s what he had to say about helping others at aX: “My goal as an aX financial leader is to not only understand the company financially but also operationally. Because of this I spend time understanding the various departments so I ultimately assist my team with providing presentational-accurate financial reports.”

In contrast, he also turns to others for professional growth: “Peter Rogers is a former CFO of Aptium Oncology and currently a CFO consultant for small and medium-sized businesses. Peter meets with me once a week to discuss my career goals and challenges that I face at work.”

Outside the Office
During the weekends, Peter loves competing in triathlons and hiking. He also loves soccer, beach volleyball, and playing with his dog, Ted. To top it off, this year, Peter will be competing in the NYC marathon!

When it comes to digital distractions, Peter is “always checking out stuff on Instagram to buy”, listening to murder podcasts, and marathoning How I Met Your Mother because it “captures all the fun of being in your late 20’s.”

Fun Facts
Peter is first-generation Portuguese American and he held the Super Bowl trophy the night the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl!

Hypothetically Speaking
We asked Peter what three things he thinks will change in the advertising industry in the next three years and he said, “I think there will be more changes to legislation that will further protect an individual’s information, which means programmatic software will need to continuously adapt to maintain effectiveness of delivering accurate target audience ads.”

Then we asked what type of ad he thinks he’ll be targeted with next and he said video, because he’s always watching content on Hulu.

The Future
What is Peter looking forward to most in the next 5 years? “The future of adtech and being part of that future working at aX!

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