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Every day, ever-shifting digital marketing trends barrel toward a common goal of captivating audiences, much like skiers racing down the difficult terrain of a Utah mountainside. While new trends may come and go, classic concepts hold true over time, whether it’s the desire to elevate the advertising experience or traverse the terrain without injury to body or brand. No matter the case, marketers need to stay constantly aware of these changes, even if they’re temporary, and adjust their strategies to stay ahead of the game.

What better way to keep up with the digital economy than to attend workshops and hear from leading experts and brands? The Digital Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah has exactly that. Held this year from March 5th to the 6th at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, the summit will feature over 45 speakers and sessions, 1,300 minutes of content, and over 1,000 attendees.

As a Global Partner and attendee of this event, AUDIENCEX is very excited to meet and learn from other successful professionals in the industry. Here are our top picks from the event:

Be Customer Obsessed: Using Data to Create a Cohesive Customer Journey Across Digital Channels —  March 5th, 2:30-3pm (Stage 2)
Russ Hannig from Ancestry talks about delivering personalized, data-driven experiences at moments that matter and developing a consistent omnichannel strategy for seamless customer journeys.

Experiential Marketing and Influencing the Consumer JourneyMarch 5th, 3:15-3:45pm (Stage 1)
Learn about building brand experiences that drive conversion and loyalty, plus the importance of social media engagement and strategic partnerships.

Flourish or Fold: The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient Digital MarketersMarch 6th, 10-10:30am (Stage 2)
Taryn Stejskal from Cigna explains what resilience is, how to use resilient behaviors to address personal and professional challenges, and why maintaining resilience is more important than ever, especially for digital marketers.

The New Science of Authenticity for Building a Lasting BrandMarch 6th, 11:45am-12:15pm (Stage 3)
Jeremy Hendon from CoBionic discusses developing a coherent strategy to build trust and authenticity across platforms and industries, while also creating deeper customer relationships that translate into higher lifetime value.

See the full event agenda here.

About the Digital Summit
The Salt Lake City summit is part of the Digital Summit series, which covers several cities and aims to spread knowledge about the digital marketing ecosystem. Topics discussed include content, search, email, mobile, UX, design, social, and strategy. The Digital Summit also provides resources to fill your professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions.

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