Every day, marketers are looking for ways to elevate their digital strategies, yet many lack the time or resources to put their theories to the test or explore new technologies.

Indeed, according to a recent study published by Warc, marketing exploration is frequently hindered by both technical barriers (45%) and budget constraints (42%).

This must change, particularly for the mid-market advertisers faced with the task of finding & engaging increasingly fragmented audiences while ensuring a positive return on ad spend.

To help marketers overcome these hurdles and accelerate their growth, today we’ve announced our next step in empowering more marketers than ever before: the Marketing Amplification Fund.

The $5 million fund provides a unique opportunity for mid-market brands and agencies who haven’t yet explored how AI-powered, enterprise-class programmatic advertising tools can elevate campaigns.

As noted by our CEO and co-founder Reeve Benaron, “Campaigns perform better when they are powered by industry leading tech and are continually iterated upon. However, many marketers simply don’t have the time or budget to devote to these endeavors, which is why we are thrilled to launch this fund and help more marketers amplify the effectiveness of their programmatic marketing.”

Specifically, the fund will provide up to $50,000 in free media match and services to each participant in Q4 2018.

With this $50,000, marketers will have a unique opportunity to double their impact in Q4 while testing out cutting edge programmatic marketing capabilities.

“No matter their budget, marketers deserve the same enterprise class tools enjoyed by the Fortune 500 and the elevated campaign performance that comes with it,” noted Jason Wulfsohn, co-founder and COO of AUDIENCEX. “With this fund, we are giving smaller brands a powerful opportunity to compete as effectively as the monoliths they seek to disrupt.”

Participating in the Fund
As the number of advertisers selected will be limited, those interested in participating in the fund are encouraged to apply via the Marketing Amplification Fund page.