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Marketers deserve better. This is a guiding principle that has driven AUDIENCEX over the years, and it was the motivation behind an exclusive partnership we announced earlier this morning.

Every day, brands and agencies alike are looking for intelligent, intuitive, and impactful ways to engage their audiences. However, the mid-market is often underserved, lacking either the access to enterprise-class tools enjoyed by the Fortune 500 or the strategic guidance and support needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

For the past 5 years, we’ve been dedicated to changing this. Indeed, as AUDIENCEX CEO Reeve Benaron noted in the announcement, “Our vision is to give all businesses, regardless of size, the ability to scale with effective omnichannel solutions.”

Now, we’ve taken this commitment to empowering advertisers one step further. Via an exclusive partnership with Sizmek, AUDIENCEX now empowers mid-market advertisers with:

  • Self-serve access to a best-in-class DSP & ad server
  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • Peer39 contextual targeting & measurement

Now more than ever, mid-market advertisers have access to the tools & support needed to build sustainable, brand-safe, full-funnel omnichannel campaigns.

Why is this important?

First, marketers are under increasing pressure to drive real, sustainable growth for brands. Indeed, as AUDIENCEX COO Jason Wulfsohn noted, “Many of our customers — actually, all of our customers — are focused in a very singular way on our ability to help them attain real, transparent results for their business. It’s our capacity as an agency to take their goals and marry them to the technology solutions that will deliver consistently successful and sustainable growth.”

Second, these marketers often don’t have access to the tools that will help them succeed. As Sizmek’s Chief Growth Officer Mike Caprio noted, “Mid-market customers typically do not get the type of sales, service, and technology they deserve. The marriage between AUDIENCEX and Sizmek gives these brands and agencies both the white glove service and the best-in-breed technology once only afforded to the enterprise.”

Simply put, mid-market advertisers deserve better. Whether they seek the control of self-serve or the support of managed service, they deserve access to the same enterprise-class capabilities enjoyed by the brand behemoths they are looking to disrupt.

As Reeve put it, “The fact that we are now the first company to put an enterprise-class programmatic platform in the hands of mid-size brands and agencies is a huge milestone.”

Indeed, today is a milestone. It’s a milestone for marketers looking to elevate the efficacy of their campaigns, and it’s a milestone for us who support that initiative.

Learn More
To learn more about the partnership, see the formal announcement or visit our partnership page. To learn more about how we elevate marketing for everyday advertisers, please reach out.