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Last year saw significant upheaval in the digital marketing space, including changes to how ads could be targeted and a renewed look at brand safety. This year is shaping up to be no different. While 2018 will present plenty of opportunities for marketers, as outlined in our recent report, seizing those opportunities – and successfully riding the wave of disruption – is only possible with access to best-in-class technology.

AUDIENCEX remains committed to offering each of our clients the tools and expertise they need to compete in 2018, through deep, strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, as well as new products developed specifically for our clients.

To demonstrate our commitment, we’re expanding our relationship with Sizmek, the largest independent buy-side advertising platform. For the past two years, AUDIENCEX has worked closely with Rocket Fuel to deliver omni-channel campaigns that achieve a high level of performance for our clients. Since acquiring Rocket Fuel, Sizmek has decided to build one fully-integrated platform and to unify both brands.

While the name may have changed, this is good news for the advertising industry overall. The combined power of both companies’ artificial intelligence, data enablement, creative optimization and media execution put Sizmek in prime position to meet the industries needs in delivering optimal outcomes.

Thanks to this deeper strategic relationship with Sizmek, AUDIENCEX will be able to leverage these combined capabilities to deliver campaigns that are more multi-faceted and impactful than ever before. This is important, as the U.S. display market is expected to hit nearly $48 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer. As more and more mid-market advertisers explore the possibilities of programmatic buying and automated targeting, they’ll need proper guidance to ensure they’re reaching their performance goals.

These marketers will also need to navigate brand safety issues across channels and experiment with new and more unique ad units to engage with consumers. Once again, Sizmek’s solutions help solve these problems. The company’s Peer39 semantic data set reads a page to determine its overall quality and degree of brand safety before a programmatic platform ever makes a bid on the ad unit, ensuring that ads never appear beside content that could damage a brand’s reputation. Meanwhile, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) allows automatic creative versioning within display campaigns. Advertisers and agencies can develop multiple creative assets, and Sizmek’s technology will serve different variations of those ads to audiences at scale, automatically optimizing over time so that the best-performing creatives align with the audiences most likely to engage.

By unifying these solutions, along with the Rocket Fuel legacy AI, within a single tech stack, marketers and agencies can realize the benefits of a unified approach to omni-channel advertising. Rather than worry about interoperability and the challenges of assembling a best-of-breed stack on their own, ad buyers can leverage the benefits of seamless end-to-end ad serving. As Sizmek continues to develop its tech stack and advertising solutions, we’ll continue to integrate them within the fabric of the services we offer at AUDIENCEX.

Beyond this relationship, AUDIENCEX is expanding as a company as well. We kicked off 2018 by moving into a 12,000 square-foot home in Marina del Rey, California. This new dedicated space, in the heart of Silicon Beach, provides ample room for our rapidly expanding teams and helps to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of advertising innovation.

Our expanded corporate headquarters are just the tip of the iceberg, as we have also recently opened new offices in Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, an important part of our goal to better serve mid-market advertisers and agencies across the U.S. and Canada. We’ll continue to add to our already impressive sales team in each of these markets, as well as many others, and help our clients better achieve the kind of customer support, and ultimately campaign performance, that they have come to expect from AUDIENCEX.

Finally, we anticipate 2018 to be a year of ongoing technological development. In early Q2, AUDIENCEX will launch a new and innovative reporting and multi-channel attribution dashboard, giving advertisers and agencies a full-funnel view of how different channels drive performance outcomes and conversions.

At AdExchanger’s Industry Preview event this month, IPG CEO Michael Roth took to the stage to explain why “adding value – and proving it – is more important than ever” for advertisers. This new dashboard will be instrumental in helping advertisers not only see if they are achieving the desired outcome, but understand why they are experiencing certain results.

Our team of experts will remain focused on the importance of reporting and attribution throughout the year, ensuring that everyone – from self-serve customers to those who leverage our managed services – is educated in all of the latest advancements for measuring their media spend.

As digital advertising continues to evolve and new disruptions emerge throughout 2018, AUDIENCEX will make sure to provide our clients with a roadmap for transforming change into opportunity. By sharing the latest news and working with world-class technology partners to offer all the latest tools, we know that our clients will have a distinct advantage when it comes to pursuing their campaign goals across channels and throughout the digital ecosystem.

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