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The recent acquisition of Rocket Fuel by Sizmek, a leader in the ad tech space since 1999, benefits both companies, enriches the digital landscape, and opens exciting new possibilities for AUDIENCEX and our clients.

Our partnership with Rocket Fuel over the last two years has significantly contributed to our ability to deliver high-performing programmatic campaigns that leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence to optimize spend across display, video, mobile, and more. Now, with the integration of Rocket Fuel and Sizmek, we expect those capabilities to expand further, as the new entity evolves into a “formidable ad-tech force”, one that according to Adweek can effectively compete with “the Google-Facebook duopoly.” The consolidation of these two specialized ad-tech leaders affords the newly combined entity the opportunity to marshal their unique talents and advantages and produce ever greater relevance, versatility and impact for performance marketers.

Of the various new offerings that AUDIENCEX can now access we are especially excited about Sizmek’s game-changing innovations in the area of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Sizmek’s DCO platform drives campaigns from concept through completion, generating thousands of creative permutations in an instant, and making this ordinarily complex process simpler and more cost-effective than was previously thought possible. Multiple studies have demonstrated that Sizmek’s DCO solution delivers on average 60% lift in performance, making it a potentially transformational tool for our customers. Both DCO, as well as other capabilities newly available from Sizmek, meaningfully impact how we think about performance marketing, from customer journey mapping, to sequential storytelling, demographic and behavioral prospecting, and geo-targeted and product-oriented campaigns.

Sizmek CEO Mark Grether, who leads the joint company under the Sizmek umbrella, has stated that “Sizmek’s strength in data enablement and creative optimization across the entire digital media plan, combined with Rocket Fuel’s AI-enabled media execution, will provide customers with unparalleled ability to maximize campaign performance. This includes the ability to bring together your most vital data components – the campaign, consumer, context, creative, and cost – all on a global scale.”

Moving forward the union of both companies represents an integration of proven leaders in driving AI-empowered decisioning across channels and turning high-value data sets into powerful, sustainable and scalable display campaigns. The ad tech environment is changing rapidly and AUDIENCEX continues to adapt and evolve, becoming more versatile than ever, and collaborating with the most innovative partners in the industry to generate unprecedented results for performance marketers.

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