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Each month we build and deploy hundreds of campaigns for performance-driven marketers, both agencies and brands, and across a broad array of different verticals. This experience, coupled with our partnership with companies like Rocket Fuel and Sizmek, has enabled us to develop powerful strategic insights that consistently deliver high-performing campaigns, with significant return on advertising spend. To ensure that we continue to develop campaigns that maximize their effectiveness the following are three foundational ideas that we believe are crucial for success.

  1. Live In the Moment

To take a campaign to the next level, precision and flexibility can do far more than the blunt instrument of segmentation. By focusing on moments in real time, instead of static demographic categories, our platforms are able to identify and execute on tactical opportunities as they present themselves. In concert with Rocket Fuel and Sizmek, we offer Moment Scoring – a tool that enables real-time optimization with 26 AI-models per campaign. By analyzing over 11.3 million attributes to score more than 120 billion daily observations in real time, we are able to find the right audience, and at the right time. With this level of depth and data granularity, we can capture opportunities as they happen live.

  1. Be Human

Successful campaigns live at that dynamic nexus point between the art and also the science of marketing. Effective campaigns require human insight to build a complete portrait of an audience, and when coupled with the transformational power of artificial intelligence, truly unique and actionable insights are revealed that can then be layered into the multi-channel fabric of a given performance campaign.

As one example in a recent campaign for an NFL team, we were able to use the data collected by our platforms to construct a picture of our audience that revealed entirely new and high-value customer segments. Specifically, we discovered that wrestling fans were especially receptive to the idea of attending a football game in person, driving conversions that would otherwise not have occurred. Similarly sophisticated applications of rich and diverse data helped us discover prime MBA candidates living on the West Coast, cell phone customers with a passion to help save the environment, video gamers who also love playing soccer, and other valuable insights into user interest across our various campaigns.

  1. Be a Master of Your Data

Leveraging first party data via Rocket Fuel’s AI-driven predictive marketing tools generates unique, cost-effective models that are hyper-accurate and hyper-relevant. At AUDIENCEX, we not only utilize your own first-party data to elevate prospecting and retargeting display campaigns, but we also are able to drive powerful synergies between first and third party data to ensure that we are utilizing a fully-dimensionalized data framework for campaign success.

As it took on increasing volumes of data gleaned from a strategically placed array of tracking, landing, and conversion pixels, our campaign for the NFL team became smarter and more sophisticated as it progressed through the entirety of the flight. This led to ongoing breakthrough insights into the team’s potential audiences, driving ROAS to new heights, and creating an entirely fresh and even novel understanding of how people respond to the experience of a live NFL game.

In addition to our ongoing campaign successes there are also exceptional new opportunities that are the outcome of the recent integration between key AUDIENCEX strategic partners, Sizmek and Rocket Fuel, specifically in the areas of ad-serving and dynamic creative optimization. The union of these two ad tech leaders has created the world’s largest independent buy-side platform for agencies and brands and become what Adweek calls a “formidable ad tech force.” No matter the vertical or campaign KPI, deeply understanding the core principles that drive success across both display and multi-channel campaigns is essential to how we work, each and every day, with our many brand and agency customers.

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