As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, brand safety is increasingly becoming an area of serious concern. This issue has become especially acute in the the last year as brands have on occasion found themselves associated with content that may not entirely align with their existing brand identity. In Q1 2017, Google came under fire as multiple Fortune 100 brands discovered their ads alongside problematic content and material, reaching across YouTube and Google Display Network.

One part of our job as marketers is to continue to help brands get smarter. Industry leaders like IAS, as well as our key strategic partner Rocket Fuel, are fostering an atmosphere of growing trust and transparency around brand safety, by creating ever more refined and sophisticated tools to help keep brands safe. These tools, coupled with the right strategies, can help ensure that your brand is associated with appropriate content, and that your message is disseminated in ways that are nurturing rather than detrimental.

Above all else, sustaining and growing this trust requires third-party measurement and verification. By building cross-industry partnerships among advertisers, agencies, the greater publisher community and independent third-party ad measurement companies, we are working proactively to insulate our customers from risks and errors.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t the future of predictive marketing – it’s the present. As the Internet of things heralds a hyper-intuitive, effortless and always-on lifestyle for consumers, AI needs to evolve better, more anticipatory experiences and brand interactions. Mastering this new landscape requires innovation and expertise.

Rocket Fuel recently unveiled Brand Moments, a capability that embeds IBM Watson Discovery within their predictive marketing platform. Brand Moments utilizes cognitive computing to identify keywords and brand sentiment signals in real-time, determining any brand safety risks as they arise. The results feed into Rocket Fuel’s AI so that it becomes continuously smarter, and therefore better able to keep your brand safe.

Our sophisticated technology solutions, combined with the judgment and expertise of our people, makes AUDIENCEX a trusted leader in always ensuring brand safety. When your messaging and brand character is in the right hands, the rapidly changing digital landscape is nothing to fear – it’s something to get excited about.