Strategic Partnership


AUDIENCEX is now bringing the full power of Rocket Fuel’s data-driven programmatic marketing solutions to non-enterprise accounts, via managed service buying. Clients will receive regular reporting, ongoing artificial intelligence, human optimization and strategic account management. Through the Rocket Fuel partnership, AUDIENCEX helps advertisers and agencies optimize their marketing efforts without the limitations of minimum spend commitments.


Rocket Fuel is a leading programmatic marketing platform that learns. Their Moment Scoring™ technology is a real-time calculation on moments of ad influence.

Using artificial intelligence at big data scale, Moment Scoring™ continuously learns from informative, anonymous data generated about an individual to determine how likely they are to respond to your ad.

Rocket Fuel’s platform is designed to optimize marketing spend across channels like display, video, mobile, and social to produce optimal business outcomes.  This increases sales, drives brand equity, and personalizes customer interactions simultaneously across all addressable programmatic channels.


Through this partnership AUDIENCEX now provides managed service solutions for businesses
and agencies, powered by Rocket Fuel’s industry-leading artificial intelligence platform.

We build custom-plans to address the following campaign goals:
Brand Awareness
Onsite Sales
Online Leads
Funnel Preservation
Social Retargeting

Official Partner of Rocket Fuel