Even for seasoned veterans, keeping up with it all can be a challenge, and it’s not always easy to see which marketing efforts are driving which customer acquisition events. Consider that many customers go through multiple touch points before the first conversion, and things can get even more complicated after that.

To get your multi-channel marketing house in order, the first step is to take an inventory and evaluate where you are and what you need. This can help you determine how implementing an integrated attribution solution can simplify your analytics measurement and propel your growth as a marketer.

Stage One: Chaos

At this stage, you have no multi-channel marketing master plan. You have no way of synchronizing your analytics to measure one channel against another. You may not even be aware of all the channels you are using. Did someone on your team set up a Pinterest campaign three years ago that is still bringing in traffic?

If you find yourself in the chaos stage, you may need to consolidate your attribution efforts. Our direct attribution solution can help provide cohesion, and ultimately order. It identifies sources of all conversion activity, whether they are coming through display ads, social media, search, inbound phone calls, trade show lists, and even direct mail or word-of-mouth.

Stage Two: Stability

When you understand which channels are generating the most value, you can start to make informed decisions about budgetary allocations so that the best performing channels get the greatest support.

As our attribution platform goes to work, you will develop a deeply holistic understanding of your various customer journeys. You can track a customer from initial awareness through the decision to purchase, across various screens and devices, online or offline.

As you use these new tools, you can take advantage of advanced features for even more robust data examination, such as our ‘what if’ analysis that allows a marketer to generate scenarios to see how adjustments to various metrics, including budget and channel allocation, might affect overall campaign performance.

Stage Three: High Performance

Granular cross-channel attribution gives you a global view of your own marketing landscape – you’ll see not only which channels are performing, but how they’re all related.

When you have mastered the basics, flexibility is the key to growth. With this new attribution solution, you can change attribution models in real time for deeper analysis, improve Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and overall ROI, and track hundreds of thousands of visits and conversion events per day with no sampling.

In an evolving, omni-channel world of digital communications, direct cross-channel attribution is an essential tool for any serious marketing organization. We have developed a solution that will harmonize all of your efforts, helping to ensure that we are deploying your various channels in concert with one another to drive ever better synergies and ultimately performance.


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